Getting Settled In

It has been just over a week since our whirl wind grand opening open house event! All of our expectations were met beyond our wildest expectations. Our large parking lots were filled, street parking filled, food gone, wine empty and all the rooms inside our facility FILLED from 1pm till the very end at 6pm!

Our mini-sessions were a huge hit and with your help we were able to donate over $1,200 to the Hummelstown Food Pantry in addition to the non-perishable food items you all brought in! Thank you so much!

Since this was such a big hit, we plan on doing more open house events throughout the year. Our next one will be the first Sunday in December. We will offer mini-sessions again and our 2 boutiques will be stocked with our unique gift items.

We are currently working on adding our MANY EVENTS to our Calendar which you can access through our Events tab on this website. We are plugging away but still have many more to add - so check back often.

In the coming week or two we will be adding CE Continuing Education classes and CPR courses for LIcensed Massage Therapists and other healthcare workers. In addition to that we have a very wide variety of offerings. You will not find anything as unique in the area than what our team has to offer!

Lastly, we just picked the winners of our raffle! They were announced on our Facebook Page Brownstone Station Wellness Center. If you are not on Facebook, not to worry we will be announcing here in our next blog post as well as emailing and calling if we need to!

With gratitude,

The Team at Brownstone Station Wellness Center

Grand Opening 2 weeks away!

You are invited!

Open House at Brownstone Station Wellness Center

Practitioners will be offering mini-sessions! All proceeds from those sessions will be donated to The Hummelstown Food Pantry! ($25 for 15 minute sessions)

Mini session:

seated chair massage - Adrienne Mohn & Alicia Bittle

crystal healing - Denise VanBriggle

readings - William Stillman & Audrey Rai

Reiki - Bernie Zmitrovich

Aromatherapy - Cherie Diacont

There will be a Restorative Yoga class offered by Audrey Rai prior to the event - more details coming soon!

This is a Grand Opening Event of a newly created holistic center!

Bring a canned good to be donated if you are able

Open to the public

Lite Fare and Refreshments

Raffle drawings for some great gifts

Located at the Historic Brownstone Station next to Verde Luxury Complex on the corner of Cameron Ave and 2nd St in Downtown Hummelstown, PA

Plenty of parking in our large parking lot in back of the building.

Hope to see you there!

Grand Opening - New Center!

Stay tuned! In the coming days we will be blogging about our New location and Grand opening as a major wellness hub in downtown Hummelstown, PA

We are located at the Historic Browstone Station

Brownstone Station Wellness Center coming soon! June 1st 2019

Open House June 29th 2019 1pm to 6pm - Mini Session Samplers (all proceeds donated to The Hummelstown Food Pantry) Join us for light refreshments, mini-sessions and Raffles with some awesome gifts and prizes!

At our new center we will have - yoga, massage, wellness classes, continuing education classes for wellness providers, readings, workshops, boutique, nutrition classes and so many more great things.

Stay tuned!

All of us from Brownstone

Adrienne, Denise, Bernie, Cherie and William

Hours of Operation

Thank you for your patience during our limited hours for massage therapy. I am still recovering from lyme disease but I am making improvements slowly but surely! I will be adding a few more hours per week starting in September. I hope you had a great Summer and hope to see you soon!

Adrienne Mohn

Immediate Appointment openings and New offerings!

We have immediate openings this week for appointments! Check the availability here on our calendar.

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Browse our online store


Client Loyalty Program

This program will allow you to select services at a deeply discounted price.

If you come into Brownstone Station Massage and Bodywork at least once per month you are eligible to receive a deeply discounted rate on the following packages:

Sampler Deluxe Herbal Facial          90 minutes       $120.00                                       Normally $190.00

The Trio Sampler:                               75 minutes      $85.00                                        Normally $100.00

60 minute massage                             60 minutes    $65.00                                         Normally $80.00

75 minute massage                              75 minutes    $80.00                                          Normally $95.00

90 minute massage                         90 minutes        $95.00                                          Normally $110.00

East West Treatment                            60 minutes    $75.00                                         Normally $90.00

You don’t have to get the same treatment each time you come in. You can get any of these listed above.

I do offer additional services but these will remain at their normal prices. They are listed in the scheduling sytem and on our website.


Mobile Massage of Hershey- Onsite Chair Massage for Groups, Companies and Events

Bring wellness, focus, and tranquility into your group event. 

We can accommodate you in the middle of a busy work day, at an office party, employee appreciation day, employee wellness initiative or even just at home for a ladies spa party, wedding showers, or baby showers.

We can work with you to develop a successful event. Please contact or 717-525-3852


Click here > Special Deal Certificates  are still available for a short time!



Couples Massage Therapy - 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes Therapeutic Massage

Couples massage can be scheduled for you and your partner, friend,  spouse, or family member. You will be able to come in at the same time for your treatment.

You will have the option to be in the same room or separate rooms. This service can not be used with Gift Certificates, Groupons or Special Deals.

This service is currently only available on Saturdays and Sundays. Online Scheduling is not available for this Service.

To schedule contact or call/text 717-525-3852.


Couples Massage Training 2 separate sessions

Part 1 is a 75 minutes class back of the body.

Part 2 is a 90 minutes class for front of the body.

You and your partner, friend, spouse, or family member wil be able to come in for a massage therapy lesson at Brownstone so that you can apply a therapeutic massage at home on each other.

This class will teach you how to administer a massage without hurting yourself or your partner. You will learn basic massage techniques and body mechanics.

In session 1 you will learn how to give a therapeutic massage to the back of the body.

In session 2 you will learn the front of the body including Face, Head, Hands, Feet, Neck, Arms Legs.

This is a hands on practical class. Please contact me if you need more details. This is so much fun and easy to do.

Online Scheduling is not available for this class. You must contact or text 717-525-3852.


Bernie Zmitrovich of Berniez Reiki located at Brownstone Station has openings for Reiki sessions.

Learn more about the healing art of Reiki and all of its benefits.

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Click here for your free Winter Issue of Body Sense magazine.




Adrienne's Herbals, our online Bodycare product store, is gearing up to open again. We will be rolling out products  slowly starting out with some handcrafted, organic aromatherapy massage and body oils.


Stay well and warm,


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Think World Peace


Contest Time! Free Massage

UPDATE:  We have narrowed down the list of names for our spa package contest that you can vote on! We love them all but due to other trademark issues we had to cut some out so here they are:

  1. Chocolate Revenge
  2. Chocolate Heaven
  3. Cocoa Indulgence
  4. Cocoa Delight
  5. Chocolate Retreat
  6. Cocoa Immersion
  7. Cease and Desist Spa Package

Please comment below with the number of the Service name listed above - or comment on the Brownstone Station Massage and Bodywork Facebook Page! The lucky winner gets the package for free!

Good luck!



Good day all! Before I get into the details of the contest let me just give you a little view into what inspired it...

Every now and then there are occurences that let small businesses, extra small in my case since I am the only massage therapist here at the moment, know that we are not alone in the world and going unnoticed. 

Recently I received correspondence from a local area spa asking that I stop using a certain phrase in my marketing materials, websites etc. I was a bit dumbfounded at first and wasn't even quite sure what they were talking about.

It was in the  last email I sent out to all of my clients and in the subject line of that email I let you know in short descriptive terms what you would be finding in the email. The subject line of the email read:

"$25 off (blank blank) Package" -- see now I have to insert blank blank instead of the actual two words or else I will apparently be violating some type of trademark phrase that is utilized quite often in my line of work. (NOTE: and although it is a common spoken phrase in a spa setting this is the one and only time I used these two words together in written form in the middle of other words. I combed all of my sites and pages etc. --  ONLY ONE EMAIL Subject line description was it found in --

So a group of friends and myself thought to turn a sour situation around that we will have a little fun with it. So we are now wanting to rename the Service I was initially trying to promote. A service I have done for the past 21 years, several years before this other place even existed!

So let's play -- Name the Service!!! Whoever comes up with the best name wins. If there are double entries the first one cast of the same name will be chosen. I will list what we have so far so that you can guess something else in case you were thinking of it. Again, so far entries made by the public are:

  1. Coco Loco Trio
  2. Cover Me In Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Bliss
  4. Cocoa Bliss
  5. Complete Cocoa Immersion
  6. Ultimate Cocoa Experience
  7. Chocolate Heaven
  8. Chocolate Retreat
  9. Chocolatey Spa
  10. Organic Cocoa
  11. Cocoa Indulgence
  12. Organic Chocolate Melt-Away
  13. Organic Chocolate Pleasure Package
  14. Chocolate Obsession
  15. Real Chocolat Spa
  16. Cease and Desist Spa Package
  17. Cease and Desist Sweet Massage Package
  18. Chocolate Revenge Spa Package
  19. Massage Au Bon De Chocolat
  20. Ghiardelli Spa
  21. Cacao ban a Remous
  22. Kiss My Cease and Desist Treatment with Chocolate
  23. Chocolate Decadence
  24. Worry Bout Yo-Self Package
  25. The Cocoa Delight Spa
  26. Caressed In Cocoa
  27. Cocoa Melt-Away
  28. Our Cease and Desist Spa Package:  We're prevented from giving you the details of the ingredients of this luxurious spa package. But we can tell you it involves an organic version of a product which made our town quite famous. When you start using our spa with this famous ingredient the Aztecs called "Nectar of the Gods" you may feel as if YOU received a cease and desist letter. But then, 60 sumptuous minutes later, you'll realize--like we did--you really don't have a worry in the world.


Here is the actual description of the service so this may help in coming up with the service name to enter:

Indulge and relax with our Organic Spa Service! White Chocolate Sugar and Cocoa Nib Foot Scrub with Reflexology. A body massage with warm Organic Cocoa Butter and a Dark Chocolate Serum Facial Massage from the Adrienne's Herbals line. One Hour.

How to enter:

1. Leave the name of the spa service you would like to create in the comments of this blog and I will add it to the above entries.

2. Leave the name of the spa service you would like to create by posting it to the Facebook Page Brownstone Station Massage and Bodwork

3. The top 5 names will be narrowed down then you will be able to vote for them on Facebook!

Ready... set... go....

If you simply can not wait for the drawing or would like to purchase an extra as a gift you can go to Gift Certificates and Special Deals on this website.

Hope to hear from you! Enjoy your day and good luck!



Valentines Day 2016

Welcome to our first Blog entry! We are excited to share with you our new website for Brownstone Station Massage and Bodywork. It is not quite fully operational but we wanted to share our blog post with all of you! (to access scheduling and gift certificates you will need to go back to our old site for right now at )

 We are working on a few up and coming projects right now.  Here is a brief overview: Adrienne's Herbals website is getting revamped to get ready for our re- opening. You will be able to again purchase  natural, organic, and wildcrafted bodycare products online. All of the items are made by hand by us!

We are also working on a mobile chair massage business that will enable us to offer seated chair massages at your work location or small/large group gathering. This is also called corporate chair massage. This is a great opportunity for employers to say thank you to their employees through an employee appreciation day or a wellness initiative program. Please contact Adrienne Mohn for more details if you are interested. or 717-525-3852.

Soon you will be able to sign up for couples massage therapy classes to take here! Yes, classes. You and your loved one, friend, or family member (only two at a time) will be able to sign up to come in to learn how to apply a fully body massage so that you can do so successfully at home. You will learn proper techniques and how to administer the massage with proper body mechanics so that you do not hurt yourself. You can also, if you desire, purchase online a very inexpensive massage table that is portable and folds up to keep at your house. Massage and body oil products will also be available. As a massage therapist, I know how difficult it can be to find appointments for massage quickly. This eliminates that problem. and you and your massage buddy can do a trade with each other at no cost :-)

We are now also offering couples massage here at Brownstone. You will need to email or text me to schedule this. No online scheduling for this service. You and your parnter/buddy can pick from a 6o minute, 75 minute or 90 minute massage. This is a weekends only service. (Saturdays and Sundays).

Many of you expressed to me that you would be interested in a membership type program for extra savings. Please contact me if you are intersted at 717-525-3852 or Each month you would pick any service you want for an extra discounted rate. You will need to come in 12 times within the  year to be eligible for this - starting the first day you come in.

Lastly, we will be welcoming more massage therapists and holistic practitioners to join our growing team here. So please stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Bernie Zmitrovich from Berniez Reiki is available for appointments here at Brownstone. You can contact her directly for  an appointment. This is the most relaxing service there is. You must give it a try.

Our Most Popular Service!

The East Meets West Service has edged out the Sampler Deluxe Spa Service as number one! This treatment will increase your range of motion, help to relieve stress, tension and chronic pain.

By far the most therapeutic service on the menu. I have long time regular clients that are coming in for this service only now. 

Take advantage of our special deal certificates that are being offered at a limited time! East Meets West and Hot Stone Chocolate Massage for Valentines Day.

Please check out our new packages, Specials, and new services being offered. Don't forget to grab you Valentines Day Gift Certificates!

This site isn't quite fully operational yet.  Go to our old site to book and purchase gift certificates at 

Just one more thing! Would you please leave a comment, like or share to this blog entry so that I know that it is working properly. This is my first blog post and I am giving this a test drive!

Thank you,