Crystalibrium by Denise VanBriggle

New Clients Enjoy $15 Off My Signature Service, Crystalibrium, through September 30th

~Denise VanBriggle, Writer, Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Crystal Healer

Hello, everyone! I probably met many of you at our recent Grand Opening, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some exciting news about the signature service I offer exclusively in Suite A at Brownstone Station Wellness Center. When I was on Good Day PA on June 27th, I described what I do as a hybrid, an amalgam of various modalities I have gathered over the years. (I didn’t like the term hybrid, but I could think of nothing better in the moment.) At the Grand Opening on June 29th, I shared mini-sessions I called chakra balancing blending crystals and reiki, because those are familiar terms within the healing community. Neither of these labels felt quite right. Two talented psychics recently encouraged me to meditate on the matter and to record my dreams leading up to the full moon on July 16, which I did. Both suggested the perfect name would emerge by that time and, you know what, they were spot on! I woke up the morning of July 16th with a deep sense of clarity. I love the way the word sounds; I love the way it looks. Most of all, I love the way Crystalibrium reflects the service: a seamless blend of my intuitive gifts and healing modalities with crystal allies to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of equilibrium, or balance. I can’t wait to share this service with you! You can book a session directly on my website by clicking on the “Book Online” tab. (You’ll also find upcoming writing workshops listed there as well.) The good old phone and email work, too. Just call/text me at 717-433-4229 or email me at to schedule a mutually convenient time. Until then, be well!