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2 Day 16 CEs class: $250 Lomi Lomi Basics Instructor: Paula J. Kaprocki, LMT

  • Brownstone Station Wellness Center 320 East 2nd Street Hummelstown, PA, 17036 United States (map)

Suite B to the Lodge Room

2 Day Class 9:00 AM-6:00PM

1 Hour Lunch Break

Class Objectives:

·       Student will be able to explain Lomi Lomi History

·       Student will be able to explain Lomi Lomi Philosophy

·       Student will demonstrate a standard Lomi Lomi Protocol

·       Student will compare Lomi Lomi massage with a standard Swedish Massage

Course Description

A discussion of the history of Lomi Lomi massage in the Hawaiian Islands, including kahunas and introduction of the skills taught by Aunty Margaret Machado to non-indigenous people.  A brief discussion of the Hawaiian philosophy of Ho’oponopono will also be introduced.  Discussion, demonstration and practice of the traditional Pololei style of massage practiced by Aunty Margaret will be taught.  Pololei is the use of long, broad strokes with compression using forearms and elbows.  A discussion and comparison of the compression, petrissage and effleurage strokes normally used in Swedish Massage to the Lomi techniques will be done during the class

Lomi Lomi is traditional Hawaiian massage that has been practiced by Hawaiian kahunas for centuries.  The style of Lomi that will be taught is the Pololei style taught by Aunty Margaret Machado after she broke with the tradition of keeping the work secretive and began to teach this style to anyone.

In this class the student will be introduced to the basic protocol of a Lomi Lomi massage sessions.  Use of forearms and elbows will be stressed and each student will receive one on one instruction from the instructor.  The Pololei style of Lomi Lomi enables the therapist to massage the entire body with a minimal amount of hand work and very little thumb work.  The work is performed using forearm and elbow positions and body mechanics is a large part of the body leverage used to create the pressure required for this work.

Standard table linens and oil, cream or lotion are required.

Instructor:  Paula J. Kaprocki, LMT

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